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Kickstarter is a time sapping beast that requires all your attention to make it successful: that’s the reality.

Let’s break down how long each component took and how long you expect to dedicate to your project:


Arguably the most important part of your campaign. You need to take the time to get it to an excellent standard, otherwise your campaign is already pushing up hill.

If you are a film project, this is even more critical. If your campaign video is of poor quality, why would anyone even think your final product will be any good?

The video for Travel Warning was filmed by myself, just talking to camera, and took about two hours. The editing process however would go off and on for about a month. 

Campaign Page

Writing all the copy for the campaign page was made up of various components. 

We needed a synopsis for the film, so writing one now was very handy to have for our website or any press.

We also included a questions and answers section which helped define to the audience who we were and why we were making the film. 

Again, this took weeks of tinkering off and on, but this is an important section as your backing up everything the video says and more. 

From a creator perspective, writing all this information about the film helped define any potential pitfalls in the project, our target audience and what we were aiming to achieve.


Coming up with the unique rewards for Travel Warning, was time consuming but fun at the same time.

I wanted to create rewards which would actually be cool, something that I would want to get and also be value for money.

I was tinkering with the rewards system almost up to launch, adding our $500 and $1000 packages only days before launch.

A lot of time was spent researching previous projects rewards, and trying to determine how to improve on them. This was on and off over the span of a year.

Time Check

All up, the creation of our Kickstarter page took several months. From it though we were also able to use the images and copy on our own website too, so it’s not a complete waste if your project is unsuccessful. 

Having something which helps you ask the big questions of your project, such as who you are and what you’re doing, will give you confidence in your project. 

If you don’t think your project is worth the months of time you have to spend on it, it might not be worth your while to continue.

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