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July 26, 2018
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The doomsday clock has reached zero with the release of the first teaser trailer for Travel Warning, the epic no budget independent film.

The Travel Warning teaser trailer features footage from our six-day production shoot in China. The trailer was designed to encapsulate the mood of the film and give glimpses to the struggles that might lie ahead.

Just to give you an idea of the creative process, it is important to note what particular elements in the trailer were a must have and why.

Location, Location

For an independent, no budget film, I felt It was critical to establish right away that this is not a film shot in our backyard or down the street. We spent the time and money to travel to exotic locations some people might have never seen before.

The Colour Red

In Travel Warning, the red fluid overlay has a sinister meaning behind it, alluding to the threat of the virus. Red is often associated with danger, so I wanted to place the overlay over normal, everyday footage of people going about their business, so there is a sense of foreboding for these unexpected civilians.

And Introducing…

I also really wanted to introduce our main character, played by Richard Plummer, just to bring back all of large scale elements to a singular figure and ultimately the focus of the story.

Of course, a teaser is just that, a teaser and is normally part of larger marketing campaign to reveal more about the product. Therefore, you can expect to see more teasers as we draw closer to the release of the film. 

If you were to search and watch “the best teaser trailers” on YouTube, you will find that teasers genially are very similar in their delivery. What separates the “best” from the others is that the content is more memorable.

I wonder if one day, there will be new standard? Where some person (or studio) breaks the mould for film promotion. 

For an independent film, breaking the rules it might be worthwhile in order to separate your film from the rest.

Food for thought, but for now, the first Travel Warning teaser trailer is here and now.

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