Production Update II

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October 3, 2016
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October 31, 2016
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The countdown is drawing closer, so here is a little update on some last minute preparations.


This has been locked off. No going back now. The final script was around 70 pages. To make it easier to travel with, I printed two pages to a page, back to back. It ended up around the 18 page mark. Easy to carry.


This is drawing to an end too. I’ve made some last minute changes regarding what is being shot and when based on some of the costume changes and the unnecessary back and forth it would have created.


I have gathered up all the equipment I need and spare batteries to go with it. The weekend was spent testing audio with our two microphones. By simulating the filming experience, I’ve hopefully ironed out some of the mistakes I might potentially make on the day, such as adjusting levels or even forgetting to turn the microphone on! More on audio tests later.

Shooting Style

Playing with the equipment also gave me an opportunity to test out some camera angles and how to get them. I will be shooting the film as a one man crew, which is fine, but I will also be acting in the film. Yes., there will also be scenes where we’ll both be in it!

Trying to work out logistically how to achieve it proved rather simple in theory, so let’s see how we go on the shoot.

Not long now. Very exciting!

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