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August 29, 2016
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September 10, 2016
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production update

As the film shoot draws nearer, I thought I’d give a production update behind the scenesĀ of Travel Warning.


Still in the process of gathering props for the film. A portable radio I bought for $2.64 off eBay arrived yesterday. I weighed our bags on the weekend, and it should be touch and go for the weight restrictions. We only have checked in baggage, so not much room to play with.


We’ve had to make a slight change to the main characters attire. Richard will no longer be wearing work shoes for the entire journey for two reasons. One it will be hard on his feet for 6 days. Last thing we want is lots of blisters and he can’t walk. The second reason being potentially dangerous, especially for uphill hikes which require grip. He will now be wearing sneakers for half of the film.


Speaking of sneakers, we had to write a scene where he somehow obtains his sneakers. He could either find them, be given them as a gift or he steal them from a corpse. I chose the latter.

I have also rewrote all the scenes between Richard and the backpacker, played by me. It just makes more sense now, with the motivations and actions a lot clearer and more defined.

Richard is now completely calm and oblivious to the outside world, whereas before he was too clued on and ready to take action. It didn’t match his character traits.

Travel Stuff

We’ve begun all the requirements need for overseas travel including visas, booking hotels and tours (more on these later).

However, I can report I have two dead arms and $120 dollars lighter in the pocket from the typhoid and hepatitis A booster vaccinations. Oh well, the long term benefits are good I suppose.

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