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Fragrance Hills - Beijing - Travel Warning Movie
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December 8, 2016
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March 21, 2017
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Beijing - Travel Warning Movie

Mixed emotions for our last day of filming Travel Warning on location in China.

Whirlwind tour

We had such an amazing time, being creative, seeing stunning scenery, while also experiencing a culture and the class divide.

But, we were also were very tired, both mentally and physically. And of course, we missed our families.

After beautiful blue skies (with a little bit of smog), today was day the grey clouds moved in.

We finished the last of our hotel scenes, in the room and the lobby before making our way to the centre of Beijing.

Winding down

This was about midday and by this stage I was struggling badly with the weight of the bags, the humidity and lack of water.

So after arriving at the mall, we decided to have some lunch and just chill for a bit. By this stage it was teaming down with rain outside.

We were a bit bummed as it would be hard to shoot anything, but at the same time, extremely grateful it had not been raining all week. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t have had a film, it’s as simple as that.

We managed to shoot a few scenes in and around the shopping district. Got some shots of scorpions and crickets on sticks.

After hours of browsing shops, it was time to head to the airport.

Not one of the most productive days in comparison, but there’s not much you can do in torrential rain.

Good fortune

Sure, the last day was a little bit of write off because of the downpour, but we’d had fantastic weather for entire shoot. Even if one of those days on tour would have been miserable, it would have actually completely ruined the movie. The whole of Travel Warning has been filmed on a knife edge. If the camera got stolen, or one of us broke our ankle, or a tour was cancelled, that was it, no plan B. The movie would never be.

But thankfully all the gods were smiling down on us and we managed to get through five days. Overall, we had filmed approximately 7 hours of footage and over 1500 individual clips.  Since we knew we wouldn’t be back, we had to shoot as much as we could. Future me can worry about sorting it all.

What an experience it all was. Great weather, friendly people, beautiful food and fantastic footage. What more could you ask for?


12km walked
15,842 steps
51 flights climbed

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