Production Diary – Day 4

Production Diary – Day 3
November 18, 2016
Fragrance Hills - Beijing - Travel Warning Movie
Production Diary – Day 5
December 8, 2016
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You guessed it, another early start for the cast and crew of Travel Warning on day 4.

The goal for today: finish as much as we can in the wilderness and hopefully leave around midday, get to our hotel and shoot there.

To save time, we packed our belongings before we headed out. The sun was just rising so we managed to get some beautiful glow to our shots.


We shot in and around the car park and the entrance to the park, until the gates opened at 8am.

Once inside, we decided to walk on past where we finished shooting the day before, this way we aren’t in the same locations.

A beautiful waterfall was the backdrop for an important scene involving our main character throwing his “Rolex” in the pond. This was a perfect example of the difficulty of a guerrilla film shoot.

There was lady sweeping the path nearby, and we didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that we were throwing something in the pond.

So we had to bide our time and be certain she was distracted long enough. Would anything have happened if she had seen? Probably not. But you don’t want to take chances, especially in a foreign country.

We got a break and we lobbed the watch in the pond. The pond water was about half a meter deep and so clear, you could easily the see the watch at the bottom.

I felt bad about leaving it there, but we both agreed that it would have been more suspicious to try to get it out.

So we kept shooting important story driving scenes for the next four hours. By this time, more and more people have entered the park, making shooting in isolation close to impossible.

By this time, we decided to head back, quietly confident we had done as much as we could. We had to film shots at the hotel with our main character with his beard (he will be shaving it off tomorrow night).

As we passed the pond, we noticed that watch had disappeared from the bottom. Someone is going to be disappointed that it’s only a $4 watch.

Back to Beijing

Getting back required a bus to Miyun, and after a few minutes trying to work out how to find the bus stop to Beijing we managed to chase down a waiting bus.

The bus ride wasn’t glamorous. It was packed and quite warm.

When we finally arrived in Beijing, it was 3pm. By this time we were starving, so we managed to finally get some lunch at the bus terminal, Maccas of course, before heading on the subway.

The subway in Beijing is awesome, quick and easy to understand. You won’t have to wait more than 1 minute for a train. Furthermore, it was good place for some shots. As one the themes of our film was about a deadly sickness, there was no shortage of people on the trains with surgical masks on. Perfect.

What was also great was a little animation on the TV’s. They weren’t in English, but the cute animations were showing bits and pieces about riots, skin burns, and other emergency situations. Kind of weird, but very cool.

After a quick dinner at Pizza Hut (their Pizza Hut is much better and classier than ours), we got stuck into filming. By the time we finished it was around 10:30pm.

We were exhausted, just over 16 hours of filming. Needless to say, it wasn’t long after we both fell asleep.

Note: Stats are skewed due to losing my phone charger and my phone running out of battery.


8,253 steps
6.17km walked
5 floors climbed

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