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We’ve all heard about Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform for creatives, looking to get their idea off the ground.

For those new project creators out there (including myself) it can be a bit overwhelming with all the information out there about how to succeed.

Of all the tips I have come across, there is one which keep repeating:

Build an Audience 3-5 months prior

Sounds good in theory, but what if this is your first project. From a filmmaking point of view, the most successful campaigns are from those who have an audience established years ago see Spike Lee, Zach Braff and the Veronica Mars film.

These guys have made successful films and projects before. They have a ready made fan base.

The Reality

What that means for a no budget filmmaker is simple: it’s harder than you might have imagined. People aren’t going to donate millions without a name attached, unless it’s a really great idea. That’s the reality.

However, as our film Travel Warning and this blog is a bit of learning tool for no budget filmmakers, I thought I’d put it to the test.


I want to prove that my product (film) is exciting enough and that my landing page and rewards on its own is worthy of any donations.

Rules & learning outcomes

1. To learn firsthand the good and bad about using Kickstarter. (There’s only so many articles you can read!)

2. The easy way of community building and receiving donations is to first ask family and friends, right? For this experiment, I am avoiding that, and seeing if people are willing to donate based on product and page, not cause my uncle feels sorry for me.

3. As I’m asking for a relatively small amount (especially for a feature film) I’m also avoiding any sort of paid advertising and promotion.

4. I will be using blogs, forum and social media to help spread the word, but only in communities specifically relevant to the movie.

So if you like my page, product or story you can checkout my Kickstarter page coming soon. Sign up to our newsletter (below) for when it is launched in the next week.

Or if want to read about my filmmaking journey, the successes and pitfalls so far, you can read my blog.

Whether this first Kickstarter is successful or not, there will plenty of knowledge to gain from taking the plunge.

Keep coming back for all the updates.

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