Kickstarter Update – The First Few Days

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August 8, 2016
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August 15, 2016
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A couple of days has elapsed for our Kickstarter campaign and thought it would be a good to evaluate.

Our previous article, listed our self imposed rules which included no paid advertising and no advertising to friends and friends. We’ll have more on that in another update.

For now here is some of activities, we’ve undertaken:


First thing we did was add our newly created Kickstarter URL to our website. We want everything pointing towards the campaign, so it seems a good place to start, especially since you have control of it.

Social Media

Next was to hit up social media with a series of Tweets and Posts.


Posting in Crowdfunding forums and crowdfunding sites. That seems logical.


I have emailed influential websites or news outlets with our press release. We’ll see how that goes.

Random Thoughts

Finding an audience for yourself (who doesn’t yet have a profile) or a product (which right now doesn’t exist) is difficult.

Successful People in social media have these audiences because they offer something or have been drawn to them by their product. i.e. I’m following Werner Herzog on Twitter because he has made a product (movie) I like. If he didn’t have a product I like, why would I follow him?

That’s the conundrum I face.

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