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August 15, 2016
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August 29, 2016
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Good movie props are very important in order to achieve realism for the audience.

If the audience don’t buy into the fact that you’re holding a real gun, they’ll lose focus on the film and make you the quality of the production look amateur. Fact.

For Travel Warning we scoured the Internet for the best (and cheapest) props.


eBay was probably the most useful for prop purchases. We had already bought several items for our costumes from there.


We bought 3 x Gold Watches (meant to be Rolex) for $15, just so we can have backups for loss or stolen. Typical Rolex
Replicas tend to go for between $100 and $300, money which we didn’t have.


Our main character uses a normal portable radio in the film to try and listen in on any news, so we managed to get one for $3.50. Not bad.


Rolex Box

In order to give the realism that our yuppy character was in fact wearing a Rolex, we needed a Rolex box to set it up.

Believe it or not, Authentic Rolex boxes are expensive and can go for well over $150. Too much for a no budget film.

After much searching we managed to get one on DHgate for $20. It comes with booklets and warranty papers inside for extra realism. Perfect.

Note: eBay do not sell fake or replica items, this is why sites like DHGate are very important to a no budget film.



In the film, an intruder wearing an exotic looking mask (based on the location) tries to kill the main character.

We managed to pick up a paper mache mask for $1.50 each.

Other Props

Fortunately, there are a lot of props we did already own such as Backpacks, laptops, car keys and phones.

Back to realism

A few other props will be bought over there to get the audience to buy into the location.

Little things such as food and drink rations, boxes of matches and a scrapbook will look funny if they were brought with us and had English speaking packaging.

So we have set aside time after the first day to stock up on these materials.

So far were looking at spending around $50 on props, which for a no budget film is perfectly acceptable.

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