The story


R ichard, a wealthy western business man ruled by technology, is stranded in Northern China ravished by the greatest of plagues. With military stationed around the borders keeping the infected from escaping, lawlessness erupts throughout the country.

Sensing his chances of survival diminishing, Richard abandons his luxury hotel on the premise he might be able to bribe his way out through a people smuggling ring located hundreds of miles away in Beijing.

As he journeys across this foreign land, Richard will encounter diseased corpses, lack of supplies and the threat of other survivors desperate for resources. As the struggles intensify, Richard concedes his best chance of survival may lie in learning to adapt to his strange, new environment.


Through immense adversity, Richard is able to reflect on his own past and expose deeper, meaningful questions of his existence on this earth. Was all this pain and suffering simply a case of wrong place, wrong time or was he pre-destined for this, all apart of the plan in his life's journey.